On this episode, RIAcast is joined by four Chief Investment Officers who have been participating for several years in a roundtable with regular meetings in which they openly share ideas and discuss and troubleshoot issues relating to their respective businesses.  RIAcast gets to be a “fly-on-the-wall” on this first of two episodes.

It is our privilege to be joined by:

Christine McDermott, Avalon Trust

Justin Pawl, Covenant Multi-Family Offices

Leia Carpenter, Adell, Harriman & Carpenter

Tim Hartzell, Sequent Asset Management


In this episode, we discuss, among other things:

  • The biggest benefits of participating in a roundtable
  • Their most significant takeaways from the roundtable
  • Their level of interaction with clients
  • Their favorite part of the CIO role
  • The role of benchmarks
  • Investing rules they never break